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Our Design Philosophy

When you choose someone to create your online presence, we think it's a good idea for you to know what approach that firm uses to accomplish your goals. Anyone who can't describe their approach probably doesn't have one, and probably won't have the drive needed to make your goals a reality.

The Three Core Principles of Website Design

At the heart of everything we do are these three principles: Coherency, Consistency, and Cooperation.


Dictionaries define coherency as the "integration of diverse elements, relationships, or values" and we apply this as a principle of our work. We bring together many different elements to create an understandable (coherent) presentation of your online presence. No amount of flashy graphics or animation will matter if your site doesn't deliver its message in a manner which is clear to your audience.

We believe that if you pay attention to coherency as a primary goal, and use graphics and animation in a supporting role, your result is much more effective than if those roles are reversed.


The mark of a true professional in any field is their finished product, and what sets professionals apart is their attention to detail and the consistency of their work. We're sure you've seen websites with blatant spelling mistakes and/or broken links; there are plenty out there.

A key part of a website's usability is its consistency throughout, so that site visitors know what to expect as they visit your site, and feel confident about the information they are reading. We pay attention to the details and we deliver consistent results, because that's how we do business, and that's what you deserve.


Our areas of expertise are Design, Technology, and Marketing. We do not know your organization as well as you do, so it makes perfect sense that we work together, cooperatively, to accomplish the goals you have for your online presence. We don't believe in working in a vacuum, but rather we meet with you to determine your needs, develop ideas, and work with you to deliver a final product you'll be happy with!

To see these principles in action, please see our Portfolio. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate these principles to you and how they apply to your goals — contact us today!

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