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In the late 90's, many companies jumped on the "Information Superhighway" bandwagon and had websites created for them. Unfortunately, many of those efforts were not backed up by a solid plan for maintaining and re-evaluating the how the website fits into their larger marketing strategy. Some haven't even been updated since they were originally created. What should you do first? That's where we can help!

How would you answer these questions?

We can help you with the answers!

You may realize already that your website needs to be updated, but before you jump into having someone make changes, be sure you have a plan which assures you that what you're paying for will achieve your goals for your business. Without a roadmap of where you're going and how to get there, you may not get where you expected to be, and you will have wasted your money and time.

A Website Evaluation Will Give You Answers and the Guidance You Need

We will visit your site and provide you with an objective evaluation of what we find, what we like, and what we think could use improvement. We'll also compare your current marketing materials with your site, look at your search engine placement, and research what other sites link to yours.

Many times, we have found simple, but glaring, errors that can be corrected easily and have a positive impact on your brand, your image, and your customers. In one case, we found a Customer Inquiry form that never worked, and the company never knew why they never received a single lead from their site!

Elements of the Website Evaluation Report

  1. Site Information
  2. Search Engine Placement & Ranking
  3. General Impressions
  4. Report on Two of the Three C's - Consistency & Coherency
  5. Grammar, Spelling, and Functionality Review
  6. Site Optimization Review
  7. Conclusion & Recommendations
  8. The Last C - Cooperation - How SVJ Designs Can Help You

How to Get Started

Please complete the Contact Form and let us know where your current site is located and any other information which would be pertinent to having us evaluate your site. We'll take a look and give you a free estimate on the cost of creating a Website Evaluation Report for your website. The cost will vary upon the complexity and size of your site, but most sites fall into a range between $250 - $500.

We don't just make recommendations, we can implement them for you! After you have reviewed our report, we will meet with you and discuss how you can proceed with making them a reality. Using our recommendations as a foundation for the discussion, this meeting will help us create a project plan for you that meets your needs and achieves your goals. We will even credit the cost of your Website Evaluation Report towards the service that we provide to you!

Contact Us with your needs!