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If you don't have a dedicated technical staff at your disposal, making technology work effectively can be difficult. SVJ Designs can help you maximize your investment by analyzing your needs and balancing them against your budget!

Technology Inventory/Analysis

Do you know how many computers you have, much less what level of capability each machine has? How about your printers and networking equipment? A valuable step towards maximizing the technology you have and any new equipment is to know exactly what you have.

Using worksheets and software utilities, we can work with you to determine what equipment you have and where each item is in its useful life cycle. From this, we will recommend what changes, if any, are needed to optimize the performance of your technology investment.

Purchase Recommendations

When purchasing new equipment, you don't want to make guesses about what to buy and how much to pay for the performance you expect. After discussing your needs and your budgetary requirments, we will use the results of your Technology Inventory/Analysis to make a purchase recommendation.

For example, a 2.8 GHz dual-core processor is considerably more expensive than a 2.66 GHz dual-core processor, but delivers a very small percentage in performance increase. If you believe all the computer ads, you can't live with anything less than the fastest available, but we've seen plenty of instances where less costly systems deliver the needed performance allowing clients to save the difference in cost or to use it to invest in other areas of their business.

With much of the attention on desktop computers focused on processor speed, many ignore the importance of all the components in the computer working together as a system. We can help you make the right decisions!

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